Sensual Snapper Training 8-Week Program 
Tighten, Strengthen, Transform

Our Yoni (Sanskrit word for womb or vagina) is like an instrument, have you been only playing one note? 

Sensual Snapper Training is a 8-Week Program designed to empower women to UNLEASH her exquisite sexuality. Sensual Snapping Training is to the Yoni what Fitness Boot Camp is for the body, Intense! Yet it also lots of fun and a surefire way to deeply connect with your sexuality.  If you have one hour each day, you'll obtain sexual fitness levels desired by every woman.

Sensual Snapper Training is about feeling ALIVE as a Woman, having our bodies open to the Magical Energy that is our Sexual Chi. It is also about Sexual Health & Fitness. Like any other muscle, if we fail to strengthen our biceps, glutes or abs, we know that our muscle capabilities will diminish. There is no difference with our Yoni Muscles & Ligaments. Weak Yoni muscles can cause urinary incontinence, uterine & bladder prolapse and other serious disorders. 


Prevention of gynaecological disorders such as uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence 

Improving fibroid conditions  

Reducing symptoms of PMS  

Regulating menstrual cycle  


Ready to experience more Vitality, Radiance & Succulence?

Desire to Feel like a Goddess, inside and outside the bedroom?

Willing to fully commit to the training?


Here's what a client had to say about Sensual Snapper Training:

"The Sensual Snapper Training has forced me into a new, heightened awareness.  It has allowed me to develop a much better understanding of my body, mind, spirit, and how they all coexist.  I was always intrigued by the idea of sexual energy as potential energy and that sexual energy could be transmuted into all kinds of things like artistic creativity.  I am an artist/designer by trade with over a decade of training and experience, but I only began to truly understand my own creative process during this training.  The daily exercises coupled with the deep breathing quiet the mind and allow that restorative energy to flow from the yoni, up through the body, and out through the top of the head.  As I visualized this I could FEEL the energy passing through me, getting rid of headaches, calming menstrual cramps, and clearing the fog from my mind so that my thoughts could move freely.  The entire process is one of self-nurturing and provides a sense of fulfillment that cancels out the need to seek external validations.  It has the ability to perk me up when I'm feeling fatigued emotionally.  It is also an utterly "juicy" experience that enhances lovemaking due to the yoni's increased wetness and sensitivity!  Many of the exercises are now a part of my regular workout--this is my New Normal!" - Joy, Newark, DE

"I completed Phase I Sensual Snapper Training with Spirit Halima about 2 weeks before my boyfriend came to visit me from Virginia...Let me say I was exceedingly more orgasmic than I have been in the past and my lover noticed the difference as well. I was speaking to Halima on the phone while he was sitting next to me and he said "She is ready for Phase Two!". I can only imagine what the next leg of these exercises is going to produce and my lover is very excited to find out as well. This is all eclipsed by the beautiful spirit and loving support you receive from one of the most beautiful and spiritually in touch women I have ever had the pleasure to know. Do it for yourself and those you love will benefit. Comfort with our own bodies and our own Yonis is the key to our developing a life long love affair with ourselves, which in turn makes us better partners, better lovers and better Women" - Michelle Fraser, Los Angeles


Increased Yoni (vaginal) Strength/Firmness

Proficiency at Isolating each Ring/Section of the Yoni

Heightened Intimacy Level and Vaginal Sensitivity

More Juicy & Succulent Orgasms

Maximum Toning of Pelvic Floor Muscles

Goddess Grip: Tighter grip & longer hold 

Sensual Snapper Speed!

Inner Radiance & Confidence

Increased lubrication


Each client receives a customized training program based on their strength and skill set. You will have your very own personal Sensual Snapper Trainer to instruct the proper execution of each exercise and technique. Each exercise & practice is designed to develop Yoni muscle strength and dexterity.   


Sensual Snapper Training is holistic in nature. We provide additional support that includes weekly journal exercises created to stir and challenge limiting beliefs relating to woman/sisterhood, high voltage Nutrition to support in creating radiant sexual health and breast massages that are a vital in balancing hormones and breast cancer prevention.

Yoni Centered Consciousness 

Here's where we confront limiting beliefs about womanhood and sexuality. Sensual Snapper Training provides mental, emotional & spiritual words of wisdom, journal questions and inspiring articles and quotes to support the emergence of a more powerful expression of the feminine frequency. 

Breast  Massage 

Proper Breast massage supports the balancing of hormones and the energizing of breast tissue. Regular practice is required to reap the healthy benefits! Since Ancient times, Breast Massage has been used maintain & restore firmness! It's an important practice in preventing the formation of lumps and thus breast cancer.

Yoni Nutrition

Do you know the foods, tonics, herbs and breathing practices that support optimal Yoni health? Yoni Fitness requires both exercise and proper nutrition!! Sensual Snapper Training includes weekly recommendations that will support the nourishing Yoni and the entire body. *Also, nutrition includes the frequency and vitality of our sexual lovers.


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